Mohammed Ali Assiri

The Administrative Procedures of Total Quality Assurance in Saudi Public Universities

Article information:
Volume III, 2019, No 2, Pages: 83-107
Mohammed Ali Assiri, Assistant Professor of Educational Leadership and Planning, Associate Dean for Academic Affairs, Department of Education & Psychology, College of Education
Najran University, K.S.A

Abstract: This study aims to investigate the administrative procedures of total quality assurance in Saudi Public Universities. This descriptive qualitative study has a document-research type of design. A purposive non-random sampling was used. The type of qualitative data used in this study included documents that were collected during the academic year of 2018-2019. The researcher used manual analysis of qualitative data through consequential processes. The findings revealed that there are departmentalization and clear divisions and subdivisions for development and total quality throughout the university. Additionally, the findings identified responsibilities and a clear line of authority for individuals who are responsible for total quality and its development at all levels of the university. The study recommends that the academic leaders should work hard to enhance and convey the responsibility of the culture of total quality through all administrative levels and among faculty and staff.
Keywords: Higher education, total quality, administrative procedures, quality assurance, accreditation. 

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