2020, Issue No. 2, Vol. IV

2020, Issue No. 2, Vol. IV

DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.24193/JRHE.2020.2

(Published on-line: December, 2020)

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Integrating Academic Skills and Employability – Revisiting the Learning Journal
Mario Menz

Assessing Situational Awareness of Universities Concerning Student Dropout:
A Web-Based
Content Analysis of Romanian Universities’ Agenda

Adrian Hatos, Răzvan T. Coloja & Alina Sava

Career Mentoring in Higher Education: Students’ Perceptions and Experiences
Daniela Dumulescu, Diana Maria Sarca & Constantin Valer Necula

Andragogy: A Theory in Practice in Higher Education
Abeni El-Amin




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