Richard Nalarb Yakubu, Suuk Laar, Gilbert Ansoglenang

A Governance Approach to the Management of Quality Assurance in the University for Development Studies, Ghana

Article information:
Volume III, 2019, No 1, Pages: 61-86
Richard Nalarb Yakubu (University for Development Studies, Directorate of Academic Planning and Quality Assurance, Tamale, Ghana, e-mail:,  Suuk Laar (University for Development Studies, Institute of Interdisciplinary Research and Consultancy Services,  Tamale, Ghana), Gilbert Ansoglenang (University for Development Studies, Office of the Principal, Navrongo Campus,  Navrongo, Ghana)

Our study examines the structure of governance of quality assurance in the University for Development Studies. The study adopted a qualitative descriptive research design. The data was obtained through in-depth interviews and document study. Three staff of the Directorate of Academic Planning and Quality Assurance and 13 Faculty/School Quality Assurance Officers were the interviewees. The study revealed that quality assurance governance in the University has evolved over the years and there is devolution of quality assurance activities to the Quality Assurance Officers and Committees in the Campuses of the University. However, what remains unresolved is the full implementation of the governance structure as stipulated in the Quality Assurance Policy of the University. Our paper recommends that there should be key appointments of qualified personnel to fill the staff gap to make the quality assurance governance structure functional. It is further recommended that the independence and integrity of the Quality Assurance Committees at the Faculty/School and Departmental level need to be ensured by excluding Deans and HoDs from the Committees.
Keywords: Quality assurance, governance, higher education institutions, university.

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