Ionuț Nistor

The University of Iași Between 1916 and 1917. Contributions to the War Effort

The University of Iași participated to the World War I effort, providing to the army its own human resources and its learning spaces for the central state institutions, given that the royal family, the Parliament and the Government sought refuge in Iași. Not lastly, the University became involved – through conferences hosted in the Hall – in the effort to maintain the trust in the final victory and in the achievement of the 1918 unions. The campaign of 1916-1918 mobilized important teachers of the University, personalities of the national scientific and cultural life or young academics.
The students were among the direct combatants and they took part actively in the ample health operations behind the front-line. The paper addresses a fragment of institutional history, by presenting the contribution to the war effort of the teachers and the students, by identifying, listing and systematizing the information regarding the university staff and the educational spaces involved in the war, among the battle lines or behind the front-line, in the period 1916-1918. 

Keywords: University of Iași, war, teachers, students, teaching spaces

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